Purchasing a pair of custom trainers is an exciting time, especially if trainer design is something that you feel passionate about.

At Killer Crep Customz, we are keen to make your custom footwear the way you want and have put together this handy article to help you understand exactly what you can have on your bespoke trainers – read on to find out more!


Bespoke Trainers Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Getting your own trained design made is a great way to express your artistic side and show off what you love the most. Your design can be made to suit any theme and the only limit you’ll face is your own imagination.

So many people are shocked when they learn how many different designs can be used on hand painted trainers – so why not share what you love and find out if you can have it incorporated into your new trainer design?


Design Ideas for Your New Custom Footwear

When we tell people that we can design virtually any type of custom shoes, they usually don’t believe us, but it’s true!

We simply take your design requests and work hard to come up with a trainer design that includes everything you are looking for. If you need some inspiration then the following ideas are some of the most popular requests that we get: 

  • Animals
  • Sports teams
  • Specific colours
  • Cartoons
  • People
  • Music
  • Patterns
  • And more!

Once you have decided on what you want on your custom trainers, you just need to find a custom design service that produces great results, like the one we offer at Killer Crep Customz. We will work with you to find out what you want on your trainers and then come up with a design for you to consider.

When you are happy with the look we create, we will then proceed to creating them on your chosen trainers. Remember – for us to put a design on your trainers, they will need to be made from leather or canvas.


Creating Your Own Design

If you love design and want to create your own trainer design then this is possible too! At Killer Crep Customz, we are all about showcasing your artwork on your custom trainers and will do our best to use your design in the way you want.

If you want your specific design put on your trainers as you have created it then we will render it directly onto your trainers and then hand paint it for the best results.

Ultimately, if you want a truly unique pair of bespoke trainers, we can work with you to make it happen.


Designing Custom Trainers to Match Your Budget

Bespoke trainers are always going to cost more than standard issue trainers, because you are paying for true originality. This doesn’t mean that you cannot find an affordable solution.

At Killer Crep Customz, we work with clients of all budget ranges and work hard to come up with affordable and exciting designs for all.

Once you have chosen what you want on your trainers, get in touch with the Killer Crep Customz team to discuss how we can make your new trainers the way you want them!